I don’t normally photograph anything man-made, but there’s something enticing about the curves of old cars that begs a photo to be made. Perhaps it’s because old vehicles don’t try as hard to look good like the sometimes over-done modern cars. Just one sweeping curve on a fender gets the job done, like a single stroke of water-color creates a whole meadow. I’m especially attracted to old, rusting heaps, abandoned in the wild. Colorado is a gold mine of derelict vintage cars left to haunt the mountains and forests. If brought to life they would tell the story of the pioneer mining boom that brought them here and the bust left them as forgotten relics in mountain meadows. Maybe I like them because, rusting and weathered, they seem to have blended back into nature. Just like mountains, enduring metal hulls of old trucks are rigid and distinguished, but eroding away.

A few of the old vehicles below are waiting to be restored by Mirek Maez of God’s Rods in Ridgway, CO.