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Amazing Clouds Smash into Mountain 4k Photo Timelapse

I shot these timelapses out of necessity and now I’m hooked. Unlike many landscape photographers, I’ve avoided timelapses. I’m already interested in too many other types of photography, and didn’t want to spread my concentration even thinner. Recently while at the top of Mt. Evans shooting Mountain Goats, a spectacular cloud blanket moved in and smashed up against the mountain side. A few minutes earlier I could see clearly down into Denver, but now I was looking onto a sea of clouds. Mt. Evans was piercing through the clouds into sunny skies. The clouds were churning against the mountain like waves crashing on rocks. It was such a beautiful phenomena that I had to capture it, but still photos couldn’t convey the drama. I had to figure out how to do a timelapse on the spot. It’s pretty intuitive though if you understand photography and video frame-rate. Less than intuitive was using Nikon’s interval shooting menu for the first time! I shot it in 4k so if you’ve got an ultra high def display crank it up!

Shooting the first timelapse was so much fun that I came back a week later to shoot the second below.

About Bryan Maltais

I'm a Colorado landscape photographer based in Ft. Collins. I blog about adventure in the Rocky Mountains and photo technique. I also make nature documentaries, tinker around with websites and grow vegetables.


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