This is the home of nature documentaries by Bryan Maltais, which chronicle unique ecosystems and the surprising animals that live there, including “Adventure Earth” and the award-winning film “Metamorphosis: Tale of a Wetland”.  Adventure Earth nature documentaries include: “Reptiles of Missouri Glades”, a herping adventure to find King Snakes, Racers, Box Turtles, Race-runners and much more,  “Sonoran Venom”, a quest into Arizona to find Rattlesnakes and Gila Monsters, “The Fire Salamander”, an amphibian documentary in central Europe about the Fire Salamander and Alpine Newt. “Metamorphosis: Tale of  Wetland” shows time-lapse seasonal changes of a wetland over a year, and chronicles the metamorphosis of Woodhouse’s Toads, the rare neotenic Tiger Salamander, plankton, birds and more.

New Zealand Nature Documentary

New Zealand


Amphibian Documentary

Metamorphosis: Tale of a Wetland


missouri glades reptiles

Reptiles of Missouri Glades


fire salamander germany documentary

The Fire Salamander


sonora desert reptile documentary

Sonora Venom


Woodhouse's Toad Calling

Amphibian Ark