This is the home of nature documentaries by Bryan Maltais, which chronicle unique ecosystems and the surprising animals that live there, including “Adventure Earth” and the award-winning film “Metamorphosis: Tale of a Wetland”.  Adventure Earth nature documentaries include: “Reptiles of Missouri Glades”, a herping adventure to find King Snakes, Racers, Box Turtles, Race-runners and much more,  “Sonoran Venom”, a quest into Arizona to find Rattlesnakes and Gila Monsters, “The Fire Salamander”, an amphibian documentary in central Europe about the Fire Salamander and Alpine Newt. “Metamorphosis: Tale of  Wetland” shows time-lapse seasonal changes of a wetland over a year, and chronicles the metamorphosis of Woodhouse’s Toads, the rare neotenic Tiger Salamander, plankton, birds and more.

New Zealand Nature Documentary

New Zealand


Amphibian Documentary

Metamorphosis: Tale of a Wetland


missouri glades reptiles

Reptiles of Missouri Glades


fire salamander germany documentary

The Fire Salamander


sonora desert reptile documentary

Sonora Venom


diy compost tumbler

DIY Compost Tumbler


Woodhouse's Toad Calling

Amphibian Ark