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Total Solar Eclipse 2017

Just wanted to get some photos up, this blog is a under construction

Eclipse photos available for purchase here

Total Solar Eclipse 2017 Photo Bryan Maltais

I bracketed 5 exposures, 3 stops apart. This gave me a different exposure for each level of brightness that I could merge into an HDR composite. In this case a single exposure couldn’t have shown detal in the moon, Baily’s beads, and the corona.

This exposure was calculated to capture the red Baily’s Beads that you see on the perimeter

This is an unedited non HDR exposure straight out of the camera. It’s an individual exposure from the composite above

I couldn’t have figured out how to shoot an eclipse on the spot. This is my setting cheat sheet based on a lot of research and calculations. It’s not meant to shoot a single photo of the eclipse, but a timelapse movie. I still changed a few settings on the spot based on conditions.

solar eclipse sun spots

An interesting row of sun spost visible during the eclipse

About Bryan Maltais

I'm a Colorado landscape photographer based in Ft. Collins. I blog about adventure in the Rocky Mountains and photo technique. I also make nature documentaries, tinker around with websites and grow vegetables.

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