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Colorado Landscape Photos

Aqua waterfall below colorado

Chuckwallas are common in the Desert southwest, but the carrot tail morph occurs only on a single mountain near Phoenix, AZ.

Mt Sneffels Reflection Colorado

moab arches light painting milky way photography

mountain lake colorado landscape photography

Elk Mountains Sunset Colorado Photos

Mt Sneffels Pond Reflection Colorado Photos

Total Solar Eclipse 2017

I traveled to Castle Gardens, WY in the path of totality for this shot of the famous Total Solar Eclipse of 2017. It’s an exposure composite of 5 individual photos taken in rapid succession in order to show elements that otherwise wouldn’t be visible in a single exposure. Of note are the corona, red Baily’s beads, the face of the moon, and Mercury

Mills Lake Colorado Photos Bryan Maltais

dallas divide colorado black and white

Massive Melting Snow Drift RMP Colorado Photos Bryan Maltais

This is a melting mound of snow that I found in June in RMNP. It’s one of the most mesmerizing shapes that I’ve seen in nature, adorned with a scaly pattern made as the snow melts. It reminds me of a whale shark with its mouth open as it filters plankton.

I visited Germany in mid Spring and went in search of the Fire Salamander in the forests of Baden-Württemberg.

I also found a population of the Green Lizard. Native to the Mediterranean, a few were released many decades ago near Tübingen into vineyards with a warm micro-climate.

While in Germany I went to the Black Forest in search of the European Common Viper. Some populations are all black and are called the Hell Adder.


Star trails are not a special effect, but what happens as the earth spins while the camera’s shutter is open. This is a stack of 90, 1-minute images, or the equivalent of exposing for 90 minutes. The tents glow as a result of turning our headlamps on for about 5 seconds. Taken in the West Elk Mountains near Crested Butte, CO

Wyoming Butte Milky Way Photo Bryan maltaisI made this photo of a Milky Way above Castle Gardens, WY the eve before the Total Solar Eclipse.

About Bryan Maltais

I'm a Colorado landscape photographer based in Ft. Collins. I blog about adventure in the Rocky Mountains and photo technique. I also make nature documentaries, tinker around with websites and grow vegetables.

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